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    foogo-K New Products Releasing and Appreciation Events


    On June 13, 2019, foogo-K New Products Releasing and Appreciation Events with the theme of “BE YOURSELF”hold at Jinjia Industrial Park in Shenzhen. Gather all senior leaders of Jinjia public group. Qiao Luyu, Chairman of the Group, Li Dehua, Executive Vice President, and Huang Hua, Vice President ,Li Xiaohua, vice president and secretary of the board of directors, Chen Hao, general manager of Yinwei Technology, and other major investors, industry experts, media representatives, etc., as witnessed the official products release of foogo K.


    As the youthful and most fashionable e-cigarette brand of Jinjia Group. foogo is the strongest and has most potential in Market. Mr. Qiao Luyu, chairman of the board, said that he would increase fund support for foogo and increase the construction of sales channels to strive for good revenue and profits, which gave the foogo team more confidence.


    Ms. Li Xiaohua, the secretary-general of Jinjia Group, expressed her concern and attention to the electronic cigarette sector, and she is optimistic about the future development of foogo


    Foogo K new product release, return to the essence of "circle"

    On behalf of Inwell Techonlogy Company , Mr.Yi Zhiguo, the Manager of Marketing Department, as the speaker for foogo brand. he introduced the history of foogo brand and interpreted the brand spirit of “BE YOURSELF”deeply.


    The design of foogo K stems from the concept of “circle” and returns to the essence of everything. The round eyes are“circle”, the clock is "circle", the wheels are "circle", the earth is "circle".... “The dream will come to ture” in Chinese character is use same "circle" character. in Chinese world , round dream is “circle” too.

    Foogo K returns to the classic aesthetic of the cylinder, which is packaged in fashionable playing card elements. The mouthpiece is made of food grade material and oil-proof structure of the baby pacifier, which provide guarantees for safe use.

    The battery rod is made of all-aluminum alloy material with secondary oxidation porcess and equipped with oil indicating window, which has a smooth hand feeling and convenient observation of the use of e-juice.


    The wonderful product display , shows the charm of foogo K products.

    foogo K vaping experience , received favorable reviews from the events..


    “User Experience First”is always foogo’s philosophy . We have created a free and open venue integrating product display area, vaping area and interactive area, allowing users to fully participate in the vaping experience.

    Foogo expressed gratitude to the partners, distributor and customers come from all over the world.  Many distributors show their interests to foogo products, would like to cooperate with foogo in future.


     Received consistent praise from users at the event.

    “The packaging of the playing cards is very unique. After getting foogo K, it’s feel good in hand and vaping smoothly, amazing products.”

    “The big clouds of this e-cigarette produce , and the suction experience is really good.”

    "The nicotine content of e-juice is scientific, and the two flavors of mint and mango are completely free of nicotine. This is very suitable for women to vaping, but to old smokers like us maybe will used to tobacco flavors."

    “The design of foogoK is quite special, the texture is smooth, the atomization taste is very delicate, and it suits my taste.”


    Focus on the media interview and discussion, foogo confidently in market and future

    In the media forum, Mr. Chen Zenhao, General Manager of foogo, also clearly pointed out that foogo aims to produce and provide  boutique products, we not afraid of industry competition, and will drive future development with professionalism and strength.


    At the same time, foogo will layout the online and offline sales channels. In China, sale online is the first. For example, set up flagship stores e-commerce platforms such as jingdong, and adopt various offline cooperation modes such as brand agency and cross-industry alliance.Overseas market, the company has attend three overseas e-cigarette exhibitions, and contacted more than 100 dealers and distributors. The products have been recognized and supported by relevant dealers and distributors, and we believe that the market will be opened soon.

    On June 18th, foogo K was fully launched on Jingdong.


    foogoK kits (1 cigarette rod + 2 cigarettes),  price at 99 Chinese Yuan(RMB)


    At the same time, the tobacco flavor, mango flavor and mint flavor are available , and A separate pack of cartridges (4 unit in single flavors)  price of 79 (RMB)


    On June 18, go to Jingdong online Mall, search for “foogo e-cigarette”, or search for “foogo e-cigarette official flagship store” and find us


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