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    Lamborghini Entry E-cigarette Industry, Is it Aim at the Market Potential?


    With peoples’s consensus that E-cigarette can reduce harm to body and the value of smoking cessation. E-cigarettes are getting more and more attention from the capital, and the development has entered a high growth stage. In recent years, many international high-end brands have invested and entered the e-cigarette business in succession. Lamborghini has also entered the e-cigarette industry, following the cross-border cooperation between LV and crossin fashion brands.

    According to the latest data, China has the largest group of smokers in the world. In 2014, the total number of smokers nationwide reached 319 million, is about seven times the number of smokers in the United States. At present, the number of e-cigarette users in China is about 1.5-2 million, accounting for 0.47%-0.63% of the total number of smokers.

    From the data , it is easy to see that the penetration rate of China's e-cigarette market will reach half of the US (6.7%) in the future, and the market capacity will reach 46 billion Chinese yuan. It can be seen that the huge market growth space is the key factor for Lamborghini and other big brands to target the Chinese e-cigarette market. In the era when the development of e-cigarettes has become a global craze, the entry of top capital such as Lamborghini is bound to have a greater impact on the e-cigarette market!

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